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Revolutionize Your WiFi Management with AIOPS enabled Cloud Controller

Single pane of glass configuration, management, and monitoring of Wi-Fi Access Points from TIP OpenWIFI (Actiontec, Edgecore, HFCL), Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Ubiquiti and Pronto Networks.

Cloud Controller

Manage Mixed Networks with legacy hardware as well as disaggregated TIP OpenWIFI devices

Advanced Analytics

Dashboards to visualize, Engage and Predict. Use WIFI, BLE data, Camera and custom sensors

Location Services

Advanced Captive Portal, Marketing Automation with Location Services Engine to predict trends

Adaptive platform to enable service providers

WLAN Controller

Vendor agnostic controller supporting WIFI Access Points from OpenWIFI (Actiontec, Edgecore, HFCL), Pronto Networks, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Ubiquiti and others


Captive Portal and Marketing Automation for MDU, Hospitality, Asset Management and IOT integrations


Provision, configure and manage multiple sites. Proactive alerts & ticketing with presence data, radio profile management to provide network insights

5G and Private LTE

Leverage Autonomous Packet Core, CBRS CPEs, private 5G CPEs, e-SIM and mobile failover solutions


Industry leading advanced WIFI, BLE and Camera Analytics. Forecasting, anomaly detection with AI powered Location engine


Use APIs to connect with ecosystem partners in Enablement and Deployment space.

Take control of your Network with Wavespot

Wavespot is the leading WiFi, Camera, Radar and Lidar management company with a mission to make WiFi easy for everyone. We offer a cloud-based controller that enables advanced analytics and location services with a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring Wi-Fi access points from many different vendors. Our AIOPS-enabled platform ensures our customers can rely on us to keep their networks running smoothly 24/7.

  • Streamline Wi-Fi operations with Wavespot
  • Automate your WiFi networks 24/7
  • Get more out of your APs with AIOPS enabled platform
  • Unify multiple vendors into a single pane of glass
  • Empower ISPs with cloud based analytics and location services

Unify your Network

Single pane of glass to power your multivendor and disaggregated networks. Build a network of any enterprise hardware and introduce AI powered Analytics that improve operations and drive business improvements.

Turnkey Management of Network Elements from multiple vendors

Build, and operate a network of multiple enterprise vendors through a single cloud management solution. Reduce the cost of ownership by selecting your hardware vendor, and increase flexibility with an advanced orchestration platform. Whether you deploy disaggregation Openwifi or unify your existing Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Fortinet, or other hardware vendors, Wavespot makes it easy.

Radio Resource Management

RRM manages WiFi access point performance and operation. It optimizes network resources for better connectivity using automatic channel selection and power control to reduce congestion. Load balancing evenly distributes traffic among access points to avoid network congestion. Effective use of RRM ensures reliable and efficient WiFi coverage.

Device and Network Analytics

Device and network analytics tools proactively monitor and manage network devices, collecting data to provide performance and utilization insights. With this information, IT teams can optimize configurations and speed up troubleshooting while also increasing network uptime & security.

Some of our partners and customers

Our Latest Projects

Supersport Cricket Stadium

Home of the Titans - Supersport stadium in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa has a capacity of 22,000 attendees. A WIFI6 Access Point Network with advanced analytics to understand customer journeys was deployed in record time. Deployed a captive Portal, Wait time insights, customer density insights analysis, and more.

Perkins WIFI

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery WIFI Loyalty

Perkins is an American casual dining restaurant chain that serves breakfast and other homestyle meals throughout the day in addition to bakery items such as pies, muffins and other sweets. As of April 2023, the company operates 273 locations. The scope of the project included Captive Portal development and customized workflow

Art of Living Center WIFI Network

Restored and used as a community center, speaking and music venue, this center is home to the Foundation's service work and breathing, meditation, and other programs.
WIFI 6e Access Points, Meraki Security devices, Pronto WIFI 6 Access Points and Wavespot Cloud Controller deployed in record time.


What Our Partners Say

Wavespot partners with innovative technology companies to offer a unified solution, helping them bridge the gap between legacy hardware and new disaggregated hardware based on TIP Openwifi

The partnership with Wavespot is an exciting opportunity to provide their customers with more powerful and flexible Wi-Fi network solutions. The OpenWiFi access points from Edgecore are designed for exceptional performance and scalability. By integrating them with Wavespot's multi-vendor cloud controller, users can enjoy a comprehensive and customizable solution for their Wi-Fi network infrastructure

TengTai Hsu DesignationVP of Product Management, Edgecore