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Seamless WiFi Management Across Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Cambium and OpenWiFi with Wavespot for Managed Service Providers

In the ever-evolving landscape of WiFi managed services, the demand for seamless integration and robust performance is paramount. Best Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who juggle WiFi hardware from diverse manufacturers like Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, and now, the emerging TIP OpenWiFi, face unique challenges. A multi-vendor cloud controller emerges as a critical tool in this scenario, offering a unified platform that not only boosts productivity but also significantly minimizes risk. One such solution at the forefront of this innovation is Wavespot’s AIOPS cloud controller, delivering these capabilities out of the box.

Centralized Management: A Keystone for Productivity

Multi-vendor environments often entail navigating through different management interfaces, a process that is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Wavespot’s cloud controller simplifies this complexity by providing a single, unified dashboard. This centralization facilitates:

  1. Effortless Monitoring and Management: With a consolidated view of all network devices, regardless of the manufacturer, MSPs can quickly assess network health, perform configurations, and deploy updates.

  2. Streamlined Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving network issues becomes faster and more efficient, as MSPs can pinpoint problems without the need to switch between different vendor systems.

  3. Enhanced Customer Service: MSPs can respond to client needs more swiftly, improving service quality and client satisfaction. Customer service and support is a breeze with Wavespot AIOPS.

Risk Mitigation in a Multi-Vendor Environment

Diverse hardware platforms can introduce variability in security and compliance standards. Wavespot’s cloud controller addresses these concerns by:

  1. Uniform Security Policies: Implementing consistent security policies across different hardware types reduces vulnerabilities that might arise from disparate security protocols.

  2. Regular Updates and Compliance Checks: The controller ensures that all connected devices are regularly updated, maintaining compliance with the latest security standards.

  3. Proactive Threat Management: By integrating advanced security features, the cloud controller can identify and mitigate potential threats before they impact the network.

OpenWiFi: The New Frontier

The addition of OpenWiFi to an MSP’s portfolio represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Wavespot’s cloud controller is designed to seamlessly integrate OpenWiFi devices, enabling MSPs to:

  1. Embrace Flexibility: Leverage the benefits of OpenWiFi’s open-source nature for customizable and scalable network solutions.

  2. No Vendor lock-in: Wavespot AIOPS Controller works with OpenWiFi Access Points and Routers from direct ODMs and has out of box support for Actiontec, Edgecore, HFCL and any other manufacturer that complies with TIP’s OpenWiFi.
  3. Support for Network Switches:  Many openLAN compatible POE switches from CIG/Actiontec and Edgecore are directly compatible with Wavespot’s controller.
  4. Ensure Compatibility: Maintain high standards of network performance and security, irrespective of the mix of proprietary and open-source hardware.

Conclusion: The Wavespot AIOPS Advantage

In conclusion, the integration of a multi-vendor cloud controller like Wavespot is a strategic move for WiFi Managed Service Providers. It not only streamlines operations and enhances productivity but also plays a crucial role in mitigating risks in an increasingly complex network environment. With Wavespot, MSPs can confidently navigate the challenges of a multi-vendor landscape, ensuring top-notch Wireless Internet service delivery to their enterprise, hospitality and ISP clients.